Area 3- week 60 – Traveled 300 miles to stay in Dothan (transfer week)

dothan heros

Dothan Zone Leaders

Dear Family,

Hello everyone! i hope that yall have had another great week! this week has been pretty crazy here. and as i mentioned last week, i got transferred. and you’ll never guess where… haha.
so after finding out last Sunday that i would be transferred, Monday and Tuesday were pretty much spent packing and saying goodbye to people. Monday evening we did get to go to the Peanut Festival which was a lot of fun, although we didn’t have too much time to spend there. but they had a ton of food, rides and of course peanuts. they also had an elephant and a camel that you could ride. they had all sorts of stuff, but it was all too expensive for a missionary budget. Tuesday we also had district meeting and an activity, we had a Nerf war in the gym which was fun. Tuesday evening we made a quick stop at the Frickey’s to get a picture with them then we were off to Tallahassee so Elder Hawker could pick up his new trainee. it was a long drive, we got there and spent the night at the assistants apartment and in the morning was the announcement for who Elder Hawker’s comp would be. they had a meeting for all the trainers to teach them all about training. then made the announcement, and Elder Hawker will be training Elder Brewer. he seems like a cool guy and they will do good together. then those two headed back to Dothan and i rode with the AP’s to Crestview Florida where the rest of the transfer announcements would be made. the meeting was cool and it was fun to see a lot of my old companions and other missionaries that i know.
but onto the results… I will now be serving in… Dothan Alabama 1st ward! haha yes i got transfered one area over and will stay in Dothan. I will be serving with Elder Beahan (Bane) and will be in the same district as before. i pretty much just moved 4 doors over in our apartment complex and instead of serving south of main street, ill serve north of it. so i had to travel like 300 miles with all my luggage (which ripped in the process) just to bring it all back. it was kinda ridiculous that they had me do all that rather than just telling me, but it was fun none the less. so my address is still the same just a different apartment #. im in E25 now.
im excited to still be in Dothan, it will be cool that i will still get to see all the members from 2nd ward at church and ill still get to see my old investigators on trade offs. so i am happy with transfers, and excited to work with Elder Beahan. we have been on trade offs with each other so we already have experience with teaching with each other, and we know each other pretty well. so we should be able to get right to work which will be awesome. Elder Beahan is from Indiana, he is a bigger guy, and played football in highschool. if you’d like to know more, go ahead and ask.
so wednesday was pretty much driving. Thursday we did service at the red cross food bank. latter we had a lesson with Needham and we taught about tithing and fasting. he is 9 and has a baptisimal date for the 22nd of November. its cool cause i was actually on a trade off with Elder Beahan when we set the date with him. that evening brother Cromer took us out to dinner then came out with to see a few people. Friday was fun. that evening was the Elders Quorum pine wood derby… with no rules! so i made my car in like a day. it was called ‘tool time’ and i ended up getting 2nd place using dads idea of a tape measure to pull it down the track. Saturday we did clergy duty at the hospital (both sets of elders volunteer there). we had dinner with the mobley’s and saw the lints. Sunday was great and unique. the stake presidency was there to re organize the bishopric. so bishop skipper was released and our new bishop is bishop Bateman, with Brother Phipps and Brother Mobley as his councilors. we had lunch at the Durfee’s, they are awesome. then we got to go to the First Missionary Baptist Church with one of our investigators, Bonnie, who invited us to come to her church. now that was an experience. it was almost a concert with how much music they played and how loud it was. but they had good messages and the sermons were pretty good too. it just wasnt conducive to the spirit. the people were really nice and they welcomed us well.
and thats about it this week. its been hectic and busy but things have settled down and im just about situated in my new area haha. i wish yall a great week and hope that everyone is doing great and staying safe. I love yall and look forward to hearing from yall soon!
Elder Balling
“Its not about where you sit, its about how you serve” – Rev. Eddie Thomas

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