Area 3 Week 61 – Dothan, AL – Upcoming baptism and new companion



Dear Family,

Hello everyone, i hope yall have had a great week and that everything is going well! it sounds like everyone is pretty busy, especially with the holidays comming up. but its good to hear from yall. I am doing great here in Dothan! we have been super busy this week and have had a lot of success. the week has gone by really quick, so i guess thats a good thing. the weather is getting cooler now, a couple of nights i have had to layer up. the humidity really makes it a lot colder than you think. we have actually had to turn the heater on a couple of nights.
Elder Beahan and I are doing really good together and working hard. and its been great to see some results and success from our efforts. there is a lot of work to do in Dothan and we are ready for it. we have set some transfer goals that will definately make us stretch and dig deep, and work harder that we have before but i truly believe that they are possible. we have set the goal to have 2 baptisms before the end of the year, we will be having one this saturday with Needham Sommer, so we need to find one more person who can be ready by then. we also have a goal to give away 4 books of mormon a week to people who will actually read them and that have potential to become investigators. we could easily give away more than 4 a week, but we want to make those handouts more effective. we will be knocking at least 5 doors a day and street contacting 5 people as well. we also want to reach our goal of having a pool of 10 solid investigators. that one will be tough because Needham will be a member now, and sadly all our other investigators are not as solid as we would like them to be right now. some of them are the Moctezumas, i have not been able to meet them yet, they are hard to catch availiable. there’s Bonnie and Benny, Walter, Cassandra, John, and Herman. they are all fairly new and havent been taught much at all, some i havent met yet. but i believe we can really get them going and find more to reach our goal. im excited for what we can do this transfer.
again, this week has gone by fast and we have been busy. Monday after P-day we made some stops at some of our potentials, but didnt teach any. we also saw brother Maxwell and gave him a blessing for his diseased leg. Tuesday we had a tradeoff with the 2nd ward Elders, i went with Elder Hawker in 2nd ward and Elder Brewer went with Elder Beahan. we also had District meeting which was really good. Elder Hawker and I had a good day, we Taught Wilmer about faith and quiting smoking, we also gave him a blessing to have the strenght to quit. we had brother Hornsby with us and he was awesome at challanging Wilmer to quit. we also saw the Frickey’s with him and taught them about temples. Wednesday we had to go to the library so Elder Beahan could fill out an insurance claim on our car because i guess he slid of a dirt road and hit the bank while on the tradeoff. that took a while but luckily we had to be at the library anyways for a family history class. after dinner we did some tracting and we had probably the most success ive ever had while tracting. we talked to 3 people who seemed really prepared, especially a girl named Jada. she was really interested and wanted us to come back, we gave her a book of mormon and we will be seeing her later today. thursday Elder Hawker interviewed Needham for his baptism and he passed. Friday we taught a lot of Less actives. Saturday we did Chaplain duty at the hospital, then taught Bonnie and Benny and invited them to church. we had dinner at the Hansens and it was crazy because Sister Hansen used to be roomates with Kayla our cousin and know a couple of Ricks daughters. sunday was great, after church we went out to Webb one of the small towns that we cover. we tried a bunch of people but no one was home.
thats about all this week. i look forward to this week and being able to see the work move forward. i hope that yall have a great week as well and that yall stay safe!
Elder Balling

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