Area 3 week 62 – Baptism/Thanksgiving week

Dear Family,

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone is doing great back home, and that yall are excited for the Holidays. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! This week has been awesome, and a lot happened. and to finish it off we had a baptism for Needham Sommer! it doesnt get much better than that. he was so ready and very excited to be baptized. and it was a blessing to be a part of all of it. The baptism was on Saturday November 22, and everything went great. there was a lot of people there and a lot of kids his age. the spirit was strong and he enjoyed it all. He was baptized by his great uncle, Paul Meyers, and confirmed on Sunday by him as well. His Mom came to both services which was cool, she is a non-member.
so that was that, as for the rest of the week everything went well. we are staying busy and finding some success. our goals are really helping us to work harder and more effectively. we had a lot of members come out with us this week, so we had some really good member present lessons and were able to do some good work. i feel like we have a pretty good relationship with the ward here which definitely helps, its a big ward for the south so it’ll take a while for me to learn everyone.
now that Needham is a recent convert, we are really going to need to focus on finding more investigators, and hopefully a family to teach. as of right now we dont have a handful of investigators but none of them have had more than a lesson or two. luckily we have met a lot of people these last 2 weeks that have a lot of potential as long as they keep the appointments that we have set with them for this week. we also have received 7 referrals this past week and have been working to contact as many as we could. some were a little interested some turned us down immediately, but we have turned one into an investigator who seems pretty solid. Mickey Thomas, and we will be meeting with him today. this next week will be a bit of a competition between districts in the zone to see who can give away the most books of mormon throughout the week. it should be fun and next monday will be a big zone p-day activity where the winning district will have an advantage over the others. so that will be our focus this week, finding and introducing the book of mormon. we want to avoid giving them away like candy though, and give them to people that will actually read them and hopefully become investigators.
we aslo had zone training this past week which was really good, they taught on goal setting and about the Book of Mormon. i have set a goal to finish the Missionary library by March 4, which will be my 6 months left mark, so that i can focus on specific needs rather that just reading through. so i have 3 months to finish the New testament, Doctrine and Covenants, and Jesus the Christ. it’ll be tough but i think i can do it.
thats about it this week and all i have time for. I hope you have a great week back home!
Elder Balling

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