Area 3 – Week 64-Dothan Alabama—short and sweet

Dear Family,

I hope that yall have had a great week and that everything is good back home! things are good here in Dothan, and it has been a pretty good week! i havent got much time again today, we have to drive down to tallahassee today for our mission conference tomorrow, so we have to get everything done quickly today. this week was a little low on teaching, like everyone canceled their apointments, so that was frustrating. but we were able to get out and meet a few new people. we did a lot of service this week so that was fun. we also had a zone P-day activity on monday where we played dodgeball. our district ended up winning so that was cool. yesterday was the christmas devotional which was great, and there was a pie and ice cream social before hand that was fun. and thats about all. sorry for another short letter but we do have to get going.
i love you all,
Elder Balling
“Missionary work takes Balls!”

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