area 3 week 65– Dothan, Alabama- week before Christmas and 1/2 mission conference

IMG_0150dothan zoneshare the gift

Dear Family,

Hey yall! i hope that everyone has had a great week and that all is well back home! i hope that yall are enjoying the winter weather, i actually kinda miss it, its still hanging around 70 degrees a lot here, but getting colder. and sorry for the short letters the past couple weeks, but not much has happened and i didnt have much time to write.
 well first off, yesterday we found out about transfers, and Elder Beahan and I will be staying together for another transfer. we both pretty much guessed thats what would happen so that wasn’t to surprising. this next transfer will be 7 weeks, so its a long one. im excited for this next transfer, there is a lot of fun things coming up, with Christmas, new years and some exciting success with the work. but looking ahead, i only have 6 more transfers left of my mission, which is really no time at all. its kinda sad that it has gone by so fast, and that my time is short. i have loved what my mission has been so far, and i look forward to make the most of the time i have left. sure there have been struggles, and times on my mission that ive had a hard time. but as a whole i wouldnt have it any other way. especially these last few months, i have really seen a lot of change in myself to becoming who the Lord wants me to be. and so i want to finish this last leg of my mission strong. if yall have any suggestions of things i could do or things that have helped yall. one thing that i will be doing is focusing on one Christlike attribute each month, and really studying and trying to apply that to my life. there are 9 of them in Preach My Gospel. this month is Faith.
This week has been pretty good! we have been busy and a lot has happened. Monday was really busy, we had to hurry to get everything done quickly so that we could get down to Tallahassee by 9:00, so we had to leave here around 5:30. they wanted us down there that night because the Christmas conference started at 9:00 the next morning, and its a over 2 hour drive with losing and hour. Tuesday was awesome, and most the day was taken by the conference. it was super spiritual and lots of fun. it was fun to see so many missionaries, a lot of who i have served around. at the conference, we had a devotional with people who shared talents of Christmas songs. we had lunch and a gift exchange, and they showed us Meet the Mormons. that was really cool, it was a great movie too. we had choir practice that evening at the church.
this week has been kinda slow as far as the work, we have been struggling to meet with our investigators and we werent able to find anyone new, things just werent looking up. until this weekend we put forth a little extra effort and were blessed with 3 new investigators. one came from the ward christmas party on friday. a member brought their friend Ceaser and we talked to him, gave him a book of mormon and set an apointment to come back next week. we also met with Oscar Truitt and Malcolm this week and had good lessons with them. Malcolm agreed to be baptized when ever he knows its true, but not to a specific date. so things are looking good and im excited to see what we can do.
also this week we helped the Wilders move, did a family history event at the library, and did chaplain service at the hospital. we got a new ward mission leader on sunday, brother Jenne. brother Blackman our previous one moved to Arizona to date a lady. so im excited to work with brother Jenne and really see this ward grow and the work progress.
thats about all this week.
thanks yall for everything you do for me and the support. i hope everyone has a great week and i look forward to hearing and seeing yall soon. i will need yall to send me the Skype account that i should call. and what time yall would like me to call as well. i hope that everyone has a great week! and a happy birthday to Spencer! I love you all
Elder Balling

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