Area 3 week 69 – Dothan, Alabama -cold weather, warm hearts

Dear Family,

Hey yall! i hope that yall have had a great week! it looks like yall had a lot of fun out in California and on your vacation. im glad that yall had safe travels. and best of luck to Dad while he has his foot surgery today!
its been a great week here in Dothan and a lot has happened. we didnt have as many investigator lessons as we would have liked but we were able to get in to visit a lot of the less active members in the ward. we also were able to give out a lot of Books of Mormon as we were out contacting and tracting. and we saw a lot of little miracles, and met some awesome people that we hope we can start to teach here in the next few weeks. we also had two exchanges with the 2nd ward elders and the zone leaders. so elder Beahan and i werent even serving together for half the week. Monday night and through Tuesday I was with Elder Hawker here in 1st Ward. we were really busy and did a lot of contacting people. we had a lesson with a less active lady, Amanda Alexander and here husband Jared who is not a member. we taught the Restoration and he mentioned he would be interested in learning more. Tuesday for district meeting we combined with the Marianna District, because one of the elders had to got to the Dentist here in Dothan to get his wisdom teeth out. it was fun, we did a big church tour role play. Thursday we had a exchange with the zone leaders and i was with Elder Crook here in Dothan and Elder Beahan went up to Ozark with Elder Urquiaga. Elder Crook and I had a really good day, but it was super cold. we were out tracking in the morning and we knocked on this ladies door, she wasnt interested but she gave us each a thermos full of hot chocolate and sent us on our way. just one of the tender mercies of the Lord. we also had a lesson with the Filkins which was good. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were weird, all of our plans each day fell through so we were up a creek with no where to go. but we tried to stay as effective as possible. the Lott’s fed us two days in a row, which was super nice of them. we went out with the Elders Quorum Sunday night and had some good visits with the perspective Elders. so thats about all this week, i enjoyed it and had a lot of fun, although we didnt see as much success as i would have liked but i hope to build upon the work that we put in this week in the coming weeks.
i am very excited for this coming week, we have some good plans and itll be awesome. today we are having our zone activity, we’ll be having another dodgeball tournament and we are looking to take a win for the 2nd time. then on thursday we will be traveling down to Tallahassee for a Full Mission Conference. it will be cool to see all the missionaries all together and there will be a special guest. Elder Neil L. Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is coming to the mission and will be speaking to us and we’ll get to shake his hand. im really excited about that.
I hope yall have a great week and that everyone continues to stay safe! Mom, i have not received the last package yet but i would guess itll be here soon. Tell Dallin hello for me. you could probably go ahead and send the contacts, the next transfer is still in a couple weeks, Feb 4th. as for me taking over both areas, it probably wont happen, we have found out that it is a set of sisters who will be leaving. Thanks for all yall do!
Elder Balling

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