Area 3-Week 70 – Dothan, Alabama – Whole mission conference

Dear Family,

Hey yall! i hope everyone has had a great week this week and doing great! best wishes to Dad in his recovery. i have had a great week here in Alabama! and it went by super fast. i also have received the package that was to be sent, i got the book yall ordered but it also came with another journal and another copy of the CD, so now i have 2 of those items. do i need to send them back or do i just keep them?
but anyways this week has been awesome! we were pretty busy and i had a lot of fun. the main event of the week was the full mission conference with Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. other than that the week was pretty normal. Monday we had a Zone activity where we had a dodgeball tournament between the districts. we were unable to bring home a second win this time, we were out numbered every time. us four dothan elders all got haircuts on monday to be looking sharp for the conference. Tuesday we helped the Lints move into 2nd ward and they fed us dinner. wednesday we did a lot of cleaning, shined our shoes and picked up our suits from the dry cleaners (it was the first time ive had mine cleaned my whole mission) all in preparation for the conference. we also taught Needham and had dinner at the Thomley’s. Thursday was the Conference. we left Dothan at 7:00 am and arrived in Tallahassee around 10:30, and ate an early lunch there then waited at the chapel until it started. it was fun to see all the missionaries in the mission and talk with them for a little. the conference was awesome and i learned a lot, the spirit was very strong throughout the meeting. the rest of the week we saw a few less active members, did service at the red cross and the hospital and went out with a lot of members.
thats about all this week. not much to talk about exept the conference. i hope yall have a great week! i hope everyone stays safe and has fun! i love you all!
Elder Balling

A baptism for Elder Jackman

Neil Andersen

All mission conference visited by Elder Neil Andersen and his wife


Elder Mills prepared a special Book of Mormon for the Duck Dynasty family


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