Area 3 week 71–Dothan, AL – Last week of transfer

baptism for elder payne

Baptism for Elder Payne


another baptism for Elder Payne

united we stand

2015 Tallahssee Florida Mission theme: “United We Stand”

Dear Family!

Hey yall, i hope everyone has had a great week back home in Utah and that everyone is doing well. things are going great here in Dothan, and its been a great week and time is just flying by. i really dont know where this week went, but it was awesome and we had a better amount of success this week than the week before and we met with some of our investigators that we havent seen is a couple of weeks. we also have a few promising potentials that we hope to start teaching here in the next week or so. so things are going good and the work is hopefully picking up. im excited for this week and what the Lord has in store.
we have had to drop a few of our investigators that have not been progressing or who we havent met with in a long time in order to make time to find those the lord has prepared for us to teach. so we have been doing a lot more finding efforts this past week and have met a few cool people that look promising. so right now our teaching pool includes…
Bonnie and Bennie Walker, we have been teaching them since i first got to 1st ward and they are comming along and really love meeting with us and learning about the gospel. they both have a very strong faith in Jesus Christ and know him to be thier savior. we met with them this week, after not seeing them for at least 2 weeks because they have been sick, and it was a really good lesson. Bennie told us that he feels he got an answer as to the truthfulness of the book of mormon and joseph smith being a prophet, but he did not feel that he should join the church. we are excited about that and we will continue to work with them on being baptized. they said they will be at church this week so we hope they make it.
then there’s Tyler and Brynn Campell, they are a young couple that we met a while back out tracting. we had dinner with them this thursday and had the Bluncks from 2nd ward come along. they both work out at the Nuclear Plant with brother Blunck as Engineers. it was a great dinner and we had a lesson afterwards. it was the first time we had been back since the night we met them, and we taught a little bit of the Plan of Salvation and answered some of their questions. Tyler has really been doing a lot of searching and research and had some really great questions. he has also been reading a lot in the Book of Mormon, and from the looks of it he was in about 2 nephi. again we have not taught them very much at all but they seem very promising and i have a lot of hope for them.
those are our investigators who have shown the most signs of progressing, we have a few others… Oscar Truitt, Malcolm, Damian McCarter, and Cassandra. then we have a few people that we hope become investitgators, which include Jared Alexander, Shawn Flowers, Jacob and Jenny, Mickey Thomas and Especially Needhams mom Adrian. we met with both her and Needham this Saturday and had a really good lesson. she mentioned that she really felt the Spirit at Needhams baptism and she has come to church each week since. she also mentioned that she wanted to join us in the lessons. so we are very excited about that. it was the first time that she has been there for any of the lessons with Needham, before its been with his Grandma. so im excited about that.
this week has been great, and a lot has happeded. tuesday through wednesday we were on a tradeoff with the 2nd ward Elders. Elder Brewer and I served here in 1st Ward while Elder Beahan went with Elder Hawker to 2nd. it was super fun and Elder Brewer and I have a lot in common. we had district meeting tuesday, did some tracting, had dinner at the Phipps’ and brother Stinson came out with us for the evening. Wednesday we taught Oscar and later brother Cromer came out with us then they had us over for dinner. thursday was weekly planning and the lesson with Tyler and Brynn. friday we did Chaplain duty and later visited a few less active members. sister Pollard fed us dinner at Cici’s pizza buffet. Saturday was a full day, we visited the Davis’, taught Needham and his mom, taught Bonnie and Bennie, went out with brother Hutchinson, and later brother Cromer who took us out to dinner and then to visit the Owens. then Sunday church was awesome, we taught the High Priests about missionary work which was fun, we had dinner at the Rileys, then helped the Elders Quorum Presidency reorganize the home teaching routes and companions. and thats about all this week.
I hope yall have a great week and stay safe! i hope Dad is able to recover quickly and everything goes well. sounds like yall had fun on your vacation and have some fun plans this week. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! transfers will be on February 4th, so i will know next monday whether i stay or go (most likely i will stay and i hope i do). i Love you all!
Elder Balling

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