Area 3-Week 72-Dothan, Alabama–transfer week, getting a new companion and weekly successes


Baptism of Ben and Elaina Frickey with the Dothan Elders

Dear Family,

Hey yall! i hope everything is going great back home! its been an awesome week here in Dothan and very exciting and it ended with a very spiritual day yesterday. i dont have much time to email today so this will likely be short, so i apologize. we will be very busy with getting ready for transfers on Wednesday…
Transfers!… we got a call from the zone leaders Sunday night telling us that Elder Beahan and Elder Hawker will be leaving (we already knew Elder Hawker was leaving, hes going home). so I will be staying in Dothan 1st ward and will be getting a new companion, and Elder Brewer will be staying in Dothan 2nd also with a new companion. im excited for this next transfer and really making it the best it can be. i will find out who my compaion is on Wednesday, and where Elder Beahan is going. Elder Beahan is a little upset/sad that he is leaving, but who wouldnt be, Dothan is an awesome place and the members and the work are great! im looking forward to continue working hard here and really excited to find and teach those the Lord has prepared. something that Elder Andersen taught us we should do is expect to Baptize every transfer, so that will be my goal for each transfer remaining in my mission. thats 5 baptisms, and that would truely be a blessing!
this week has been really awesome! there were a few day that were a little slow but for the most part we stayed very busy. we also saw a lot of success in finding, but not so much in our teaching. we hope to teach more this week and meet back up with those we have met recently. we had another exchange with the 2nd ward Elders, this time Elder Hawker came with me in 1st ward and Elder Beahan went to 2nd ward with Elder Brewer. we were on the exchange starting tuesday morning and through wednesday. it the course of those two day we gave out 10 books of mormon and all were to people who were fairly interested. we have been really focusing on the book of mormon recently and have seen a lot of success from it, and we have even been challenging all the members we eat with to give out a copy as well. its been awesome to share my testimony of the Book of Mormon and its truth to so many people. Sunday was probably the Highlight of the week. it was very good and the spirit was strong throughout church. testimony meeting was powerful and classes went well. After church was even better though! right after church Ben and Elaina Frickey were Baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. it was an awesome baptism and they looked very happy. it was probably one of the most spiritual baptisms ive been to and it was even more meaningful that i have taught them in the past. i am very grateful that i was able to see them baptized. then sunday night we went out with the Elders Quorum presidency on Splits to visit a few people then that night we got the call from the ZL’s
so that’s about our week, again its been great! to answer your question Dad, i will go ahead and vote for…
but i am happy to go either place, i think they would both be very fun!
thanks for everything yall do and for the love that is sent my way!
i was wondering if you all with the next package could send some refills to that marking pencil you sent, as well as a scripture case for the new set. that is all.
I love you all very much!
Elder Balling

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