Area 3-Week 73-still in Dothan, AL– Back in a trio companionship

Dear Family!

hey everyone! i hope everything is going great back home, it sounds like yall had a pretty good week and everyone is doing fine. thanks for the letters and the love and support yall sent, it really helps out. its been a great week here in Dothan Alabama and a lot has happened. i am doing great and loving my mission and serving the Lord!
but im sure your all wondering about transfers. so Wednesday we met in Crestview Florida for transfer meeting, and there they announced where everyone was being transfered. I of course stayed in Dothan 1st Ward and my new companionS are Elder Thompson and Elder Johnston. so i will be in another trio for 6 weeks or less. Elder Johnston is a visa waiter, he will eventually be going to Samoa for his mission. they are both really cool guys and its been fun serving with them for a few days so far. Elder Thompson is from St. George Utah, hes been out for about 8 months and served in Madison Florida the whole time. he’s 19, played tennis and a very good missionary. Elder Johnston is from Hamilton, New Zealand, he’s is fresh from the MTC and really cool. he’s 19 as well, very funny and really excited to serve. Elder Johnston is learning Samoan as well as being trained so that is an extra 2 hours each day of studies. i am super excited to work with both of them and really get to work and have some fun as well.
this week has been pretty crazy and hectic. we didnt have a lot of time to proselyte because of transfers but these last few days have been very successful and very busy. Monday we had dinner at best burger, a restraunt owned by a nonmember who comes to basketball every week, with the whole group that comes to basketball. Tuesday we had district meeting and our transfer activity combined with the Marianna district. we played 5 base baseball. then we went around so Elder Beahan could visit some of the people of the area, we had dinner at the Skippers, and had a good visit with Bonnie and Bennie. wednesday was pretty much just driving to Crestview and back. president Smith talked about being a consecrated missionary. it was also pouring rain so we all got soaked as we loaded up luggage. I said goodbye to Elder Beahan and Elder Hawker, two great guys, i love them both. thursday was Elder Johnston’s first full day in the Field so that was fun, we did a lot of studies, weekly planning, and everything. but we did get out to see some people and work. we went out with Brother Cromer to visit some people, and that evening we did some tracting. Friday was a full day. we went back to teach Freddie Taylor, a guy we met last night tracting, and had a really good first lesson with him. so it was Elder Johnston’s first investigator lesson, He also gave out his first book of mormon and talked to some people and knocked on some doors. he is really going to be a great missionary. we did some service for Brother Koonce, had dinner with some of the Phipps, and visited the Williams. Saturday we volunteered at the Hospital, did service for brother Wycoff, talked to a baptist preacher, and had dinner with sister Alcorn. Sunday was Crazy, we didnt really have time for anything, but we got a lot done. Church was good, we met with the bishop to discuss splitting the area with the sisters. we latter had a lesson with a lady, Tonya Davis, and answered a bunch of questions about the church. we had dinner with the Mitchell’s, and went out with the Elders quorum presidency on splits. and thats pretty much the week. its been really great!
I look forward to this next week, and hope yall have a great week back home!
I love yall!
Elder Balling

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