Area 4 -Crestview, FL – First week and upcoming baptism

Dear Family,
I hope yall have had a great week back home and that everyone is doing well. I was glad to see all yall yesterday over Skype. Happy Mothers day again Mom, I hope you had a great day and I want you to know that I love you, even though I don’t say it to often. it was a lot of fun to talk to everyone yesterday and to see everyone together. next time I see yall will be when I get home off the plane. I can’t believe that its almost been 2 years and September is coming up soon. I know time is short, but that doesn’t make me trunky, it more drives me to work harder to make what little time I have left the best I possibly can.
like I had said while calling yesterday, I’m just going to go back to emailing each week, and maybe sent a letter through the mail every once in a while. its just easier. hand written letters are more fun, and more memorable but it just takes a lot of time out of my p-day. so expect an email from me each week. also I would like it if I could maybe get some more email and home addresses of friends and family. id like to get in contact with more people than I have been. If yall could send, or email those to me id appreciated it.
also since I missed writing a letter home last week I will give a short summary of what has happened. things have been super busy with transfers and all, then getting to a new area always brings a lot to do. so after my last letter on Monday, 27 April, this is what has happened. that Monday Elder Thompson and I visited a few members from Dothan so I could say my goodbye’s and get some pictures. those were fun visits, we had dinner with the Riley’s and visited the Bateman’s. Tuesday was fun, we had district meeting, and district activity where we played volleyball. afterwards I continued saying my goodbye’s to more members and also Adrianne and Needam. I was definitely sad to say goodbye to them, its been awesome to teach them while I was in Dothan, and then to see them each get baptized was such a blessing. Wednesday was Transfers. I made sure that I had everything pack and Elder Thompson and I then drove down to Crestview, Florida for the meeting. and as you know I was transferred to Crestview 1st ward, and am now serving as District leader here. after the meeting I talked to a few missionaries then Elder Richardson, my new companion, and I went to our apartment, where I unpacked. later that day we had a lesson with Avery Amos a recent convert then had dinner with the Boyd’s. brother Boyd is the ward mission leader. Thursday was fun. in the morning we did service at the Community of Christ church here in Crestview helping with their soup kitchen. then worked up in Baker in the afternoon and had dinner with the Laughlin’s. we play basketball Thursday nights at the church. Friday we worked up in Baker again, and did service doing Family History at the museum up there. Saturday we did service with Brother Laughlin which was fun. then Sunday it was good to meet a lot of the members here and introduce myself. we had a good day working that afternoon.
This week has been great! and its gone by very quick. not much happened Monday, aside from helping move all the stuff out of the house the 2nd ward Elders use to live in before it closed. Tuesday morning was district meeting, which went well for my first one teaching. afterwards we had our district activity combined with Defuniak district. the Kestles, a senior couple, provided lunch. after that we then did service for a lady, Donna, to break up her sidewalk. brother Hartwell helped us, and Elder Richardson cut his leg on some concrete. brother hartwell took us out to dinner afterwards. Wednesday was good. that morning we helped the Farris’s move then later visited Alex Rodriguez who’s and investigator. he came to church sunday and he’s pretty solid. we then had dinner at the Hartwells (again). Thursday we had a lesson with Peyton Shumway, we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it went great. she is will be getting baptized this coming Friday so we are excited for that! Friday we had another lesson with Peyton after having dinner with her and her family. Saturday we did service with brother Boyd up in Laurel Hill, Fl to tear out an old deck for a friend of brother Boyd’s that was fun but took most of the day. yesterday was a good day. Church was great, Peyton and Alex both made it to Sacrament. then later we visited Avery before going to bishops Parkers for dinner and then to Skype home.
that is pretty much what has happed here. its been pretty crazy but a lot of fun. sorry this letter is a long and pretty much just a log of my week, I intend to do better but im kinda in a rush and there was a lot to talk about.
Im doing great and loving my mission! Thank you all for everything yall do! I hope everyone has a great week and stays safe! I love yall!
Elder Balling

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