Crestview, FL 3rd week – tradeoffs with the Spanish missionaries

Dear Family,

I hope yall have had a great week back home and that yall have enjoyed your trip to California! it sounds like its been a lot of fun and im glad no one got attacked by a shark! sorry about last weeks email, it was really short and i didnt have much time to describe the week. ill do better this week and im going to include some of the big events from last week too.
So basically the big focus for last week was Peytons Baptism. again it was a great baptism and latter last sunday her confirmation was great also! the spirit was strong and she had been prepared. most of last week (11th-17th) was spent teaching Peyton the lessons, getting her interview done and then getting everything ready for the Baptism. the baptism was up at the Olive Branch Building and we had to do a ton of cleaning before the baptism on Friday. we got it looking decent, but the AC didnt work because building hadnt been used in about a year. so the building was 83 degrees for the service. last week we also had zone conference in Fort Walton which was awesome. it pretty much took up our whole day last Wednesday.
this week has been great too. since Peyton is now baptized we have lauched into a finding phase, looking for new people to teach and hopefully baptize. so a lot of the week was spent tracting, and street contacting as we traveled to our plans. tuesday we had district meeting which went a lot better than i was expecting. i taught on Charity/Love and the Zone Leaders came and taught a little as well. after District Meeting we had a trade-off with the ZL’s, i went with Elder Maclay down to Destin, Florida and Elder Richardson stayed with Elder Urquiaga in Crestview. it was an awesome trade-off! Destin is probably the nicest beach city in the mission. it was basically paradise. when you think of florida beaches with white sand and clear blue water, thats Destin. the ZLs are spanish/english missionaries so that was fun. we taught a few spanish investigators (Elder Maclay did, i just sat there), and also a few other investigators and members. i learned a lot and had a great time. nothing else too exciting has happened. we taught a lesson to Peyton this week to follow up with her Baptism, and she is still doing great!
Thats all this week. sorry its kinda brief still. im doing great, i love my mission and not really excited for it to be over soon. im trying to make the most of the time that i have left, and become the most effective missionary i can. one thing that i have been concentrating on is my studies. i would appreciate any ideas and advice that i could use to make my studies most effective. that is all. i love and pray for yall!
Elder Balling

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