Crestview, FL-4th week, continuing the work

Dear Family,
Hey yall! I hope everyone has had a great week back home, and it sounds like yall have a pretty busy week coming up. first off, Happy birthday Dad! im sorry that I could not be there, but im kinda committed to something here. haha I hope you have a great birthday and know that I love you and appreciate all that you have done for me throughout my life. you’re a great example, friend, and father to me and I will forever be grateful for your role in my life. also thank you for the advice with the work, it always helps! also congratulations to Spencer for graduation! that’s pretty cool.
Its been a pretty good week for me here in Crestview. it hasn’t been too busy but we did have some cool things happen with the work. and we are slowly building our teaching pool back up after getting Peyton baptized. but I don’t really have much to talk about this week. its kinda just been a regular week. we also took some time to do some organizing the area book, the roster, and apartment. it really needed it and so hopefully now our plans can be a bit more effective and productive and we can work on finding and teaching those prepared. so that took place Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday we had Zone Training down in Niceville, which was really good. as always its fun to see all the missionaries in the zone and now im grateful for the week off for district meeting. after we got back home after the meeting, we went on a team up with an RM here in Crestview, Andrew. we had an appointment with a family we met a few weeks ago, but when we got there they canceled on us, so we tried a few backups and then did some tracting with Andrew with us. that was fun and it was good to get a few ideas from Andrew on things that worked in his mission. Wednesday we had dinner with the Boyd’s at a really good Mexican restraunt, Brother Boyd is our ward mission leader. after dinner we went to contact a referral we had from the Destin Elders named Aaron Waggy. we met him and taught him the first lesson that night. he’s interested in learning more about the church, but not necessarily converting. but we committed him to take all the lessons and then he can a more educated decision on whether to continue investigating the church. he’s a super cool guy, he’s 25 and really smart and knows a lot about religion. he’s Calvinist right now but grew up Baptist. so im excited about working with him. Thursday was good, we did service at the RLDS church soup kitchen in the morning then planned in the afternoon. then that evening we had a lesson with Alex Rodriguez, trying to resolve some of the concerns he has with the church. for one, he has a problem with the pearl of great price. he has noticed some inconsistencies between it and the bible, specifically with baptism in the old testament. along with a few other things. he’s solid aside from those few concerns. he has read the whole book of Mormon, but has yet to receive a spiritual confirmation about it. his wife and son are both members so we hope he’ll get an answer soon. he has yet to hear word back about his military career. he has been charged with a GOMAR, what ever that is. so there’s a chance that he may be kicked out of army special forces, but he didn’t do anything, he’s been framed. so its all crazy. Friday we went up to Baker to do some work and tried to visit a few people. we taught Peyton the Restoration which went well, then had dinner with Sisters Haws, Johnson, Ramsey and the Behrings. that was super good southern food. Saturday we saw a few people, but most the day was spent doing service for Miss Donna. we worked on digging a trench for a water drain in her yard. so that was fun. yesterday was a good Sunday. we had dinner last night with the Gardner’s which was super fun and we committed them to give out a book of Mormon.
so yep, it was a good week and the work is going well. I haven’t got much else to talk about, I need to do better remembering things from the week to write about. this next week is looking promising, we have a few appointments with people that im excited for and it should be great!
I hope yall have a great week back home! That’s all.
Love yall,
Elder Balling

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