Crestview Florida- week 10

IMG_0009[1]Dear Family,
Hello from Florida! i hope everyone has had a great week back home and
everything is good. Happy Birthday Mom!!! i hope you had a great
birthday, and know that i love you! sorry i didn't get you a gift,
maybe ill look for something around here that you might like. but you
can go ahead and put a few coupons from me into that book. Ive had a
pretty good week here in Crestview and this week seemed to fly by. i
don't have a whole lot of time this week to email. we helped Sister
Sallie move this morning so everything got pushed back.
I had a good week and we stayed pretty busy, mostly with service. we
did a ton of service throughout this week which was fun. but all that
service meant that we didn't teach as much as i would have liked. we
did have a couple good lessons with people and made some good progress
with the work.
Monday was a regular P-Day. that evening we went out and talked to a
few people. met and old guy named Mr. Barbaree who talked to us for a
long time, but he wasn't interested. we also stopped by the Della
Pietro's and talked to them for a while. Brother D.P. has a Delorean
like for 'Back to the Future' that he let us sit in. Tuesday we had
Zone Training in Niceville which was good then i had District leader
conference afterwards. we had an exchange with the zone leaders
Tuesday to Wednesday which was fun. I served with Elder Urquiaga in
Crestview and we had a good exchange. we had dinner with the Walkers
then had a lesson with Aaron Waggy. we taught the Plan of Salvation
and Andrew Linares came with us. it was great and Aaron is a pretty
solid investigator and he's really interested in what we are teaching,
just not in joining the church. Wednesday we traded back from the
Exchange then did more service for Donna. we are getting close to
finishing this project with the drain in her yard and hopefully we can
finially get to pouring her cement sidewalk. we had dinner with sister
Taylor and later coordination with Brother Boyd.
Thursday we did service at the RLDS soup kitchen then went to the
Bain's to help them get ready to move. later that night we had dinner
with the Ratcliff's and had a good visit with the Parsons. Friday we
helped the Bain's load up their moving Truck for a while. they had a
lot of stuff! and Saturday we had a visit with Brother Doman in the
Morning and then did Service for Donna again. Sunday, church was good
and then we had dinner with Bishop Parker, and had a lesson with
haha well that was my week. sorry its not too detailed or there's no
stories and all that. but it was kinda just a regular old week of
work. Im doing great and really loving my mission. trying to do my
best and improve where i can. i miss yall and hope that everyone has a
great week! thanks for the Birthday package that yall sent, ill look
for that in the mail. i don't know what else to really say. i love you
all and im doing my best out here.

Elder Balling

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