Crestview Florida- week 9- Elder Richardson companion

Dear Family,
Thank you all for the emails! I hope yall are doing well back home and had a great 4th of July! haha it sounds like the parade was a hit as usual, and that it was a fun day for the family. I wish I could’ve been there, but alas, I’m on my mission and im grateful to continue my service for the Lord. I had a pretty good week and a good 4th of July, and luckily the weather wasn’t too bad either. most the week was rainy and overcast and it never got too hot, which was nice. aside from Independence day, this week was pretty normal and nothing too crazy happened.
Honestly it was a pretty hard week for me though. I think my main focus was adjusting back into missionary work and channeling my focus to the work. it was pretty hard leaving the family again, not so much in saying goodbye because I know Ill see yall in 2 months, but to leave the family support and love that I felt while at home and come back out here by myself. with leaving it took a few days to focus my attention on the work and less on Tiffani’s passing. but I feel that through the lords help Ive really been able to get back to work and even a higher determination to serve with all ive got.
Monday was a long day of travel, I was tired and feeling pretty down, but there were plenty of missionaries and mission president at the SLC airport to talk to and keep my mind busy. one of the Mission Presidents I talked to really helped and sat down to talk to me for a bit. all the flights went well and I got back to Tallahassee fine. waited a little bit to get picked up, then we drove back to Crestview. we had dinner with the Laughlins that night with was fun. Tuesday was a rough day, but a lot of good things happened too. in the morning we had District Meeting. I had delegated the meeting to the District, so I wouldn’t have to worry about preparing for it. so everyone in the district taught something and it was really good. then we had lunch and went out to work. we saw Avery and then Alex Rodriguez and had a good lesson with him. we taught the Plan of Salvation, which he already knew about, but I think I helped him a little. he’s still just waiting on a spiritual witness of the Book of Mormon. so I pray that he might get one, soon too. after our lesson with Alex we went to dinner with the Walkers, and on the way I wasn’t feeling too good. during dinner I had only taken a few bites and I had to run to the bathroom to throw up. and I did not feel good after that at all so brother Walker gave me a blessing before we went home. I don’t know if it was something I had eaten recently or the stress of the last few weeks but it wasn’t fun. so I slept all night and most of Wednesday.
Thursday was pretty good, and I was feeling a little better. it was also Elder Richardson’s birthday, he’s 19 now. we did service most of the day, both for Sister Sallie and at the RLDS soup kitchen. then we weekly planned before going to dinner with the Hammond’s. they gave Elder Richardson a birthday dinner and we had cake. then we visited the Galvins, a family we have been trying to teach for a while, but they said they weren’t interested in taking the lessons so that was sad. Friday we spent the day up in Baker and in the northern part of the area. we did some tracting in the morning and met Ted Haney, who we sat down with and taught the Restoration, gave him a Book of Mormon and asked about him and his family meeting with us. he understood what we taught, accepted the challenge to read and pray and was interested in meeting with us again. so im super excited about that and he seems very prepared. later we visited the Collinsworth’s, Peyton, and the Price’s before coming back to Crestview. Peyton is doing great! we taught the Plan of Salvation and it went well. She will be going up to Nauvoo along with the stake youth this week which is super cool. it sounds like it will be an awesome trip. they’ll be going to the Temple for Baptisms, the Pageant and all the church sites around Nauvoo. so im excited for her and it will be great for her.
Saturday for the 4th, we didn’t do anything special until later that evening. in the morning we visited the Doman’s (Part Member) and had a good lesson with them. then we met with the District for a short time to discuss doing a district fast for the work. so we came up with the things we’d be fasting for and focusing on for the rest of the transfer. then we had a quick lunch before going to do more service for Miss Donna. we made some good progress too. then we changed and went to the park to talk to people as they waited for the fireworks. we saw a few of them before we had to go home. Sunday was good. church helped me, and I enjoyed it. after church we went on Elders Quorum Splits before coming home to do our studies, then go out to work. it was a good day, and a good week. just a little rough at the start.
Im doing pretty good, still missing the Family and missing Tiff, but Im grateful for the lords help with that and for the time that I have to serve him. when I first came back out I was almost wishing I had stayed home, but now after seeing some of the miracles of the week, I am glad I decided to finish my mission and I really want to do all I can to make it meaningful. my time is short so I don’t have any time to waist. thants about all this week. I Love you all and hope everyone has a great week! Stay strong and keep the faith! #LiveLikeTIFF
Elder Balling
ps. Dad, i do have a copy of the King Follett sermon, but thanks!

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