Letter home after news of Tiffani’s accident and passing

Dear Family,
First I want you all to know how much I love you all. this family is the most important thing to me in my life. I love you all very much and do not know where id be without my family. it is a hard thought to think that our family is now one less, Tiffani will be greatly missed, but i know that she is with us in spirit. I wish I knew what to say that might help us all find strength and comfort at this time. and I pray that our Heavenly Father may bless us all with the spirit to help us with just that.
Tiffani was definitely and elect spirit. she has been a great blessing in our lives and we have all gained so much from her wonderful, happy personality and incredible example. again, she will be greatly missed. we all, im sure, have great memories of her and what a blessing those are.
i hope everyone is doing good, and handling it well. but i think we have all felt a great loss and sadness at losing our daughter and sister Tiffani.
im doing alright given the present circumstances. these past few days have been no doubt the hardest time of my mission. the initial shock of hearing that Tiffani passed away was overwhelming and unexpected. I have never faced the loss of a close family member and it has been hard on me. especially being away from the rest of my family at this time. i have done all i know to do. i have prayed more and with more sincerity then perhaps ever before. i have turned to the scriptures, and i have ultimately turned to the lord for help and strength to make it through this loss. i have definitely felt the spirit, giving comfort and strength, and an increased knowledge and testimony of the Plan of Salvation and the Atonement. that has been a blessing that i will ever be thankful for. I have felt your prayers and those of family and friends which has greatly helped. i also pray that you all may be blessed at this time of loss. i know and trust that Tiffani is now in a better place. she was one of my best friends, i love her and i will miss her very much. and i know we all feel this same way. i know without a doubt that we will see her again and that she will be with our family for eternity. it may be a long wait, and that is what is hard, realizing that she is gone for our remainder of this life. but i find comfort knowing where she is, that she is still with us in spirit, and that it is the lords will that she has been called home, having finished all she was called to do in this life. i find joy in knowing that she will one day have all things made up and be resurrected with a perfect body , thanks to the perfect and merciful plan of salvation and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Christ is the reason for everything. he is the Savior of all mankind and because of him we are saved, because he lives we too may live. and because of him, and the gospel we have in our lives, we will all see Tiffani again. and she will be with our family through eternity. i know Tiffani believed this, and it showed in her countenance and in her Christ like love and example. i pray we may feel her spirit with us at this time, and that we may all find comfort and peace in the gospel we are blessed with. i love you all very much! i know and have a testimony in these things, in the plan of Salvation, and in our Savior Jesus Christ. i love the gospel and i know its true.
i will see you all on Thursday. thank you again for everything yall do!
Elder Ethan Balling

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