Week 11 Crestview Florida-transfer week

Dear Family,
I hope yall have had a good week back home and that you have a fun
next week. It sounds like yall have some fun things planned for the
weekend. it was a pretty good week here in Crestview. we stayed pretty
busy with a lot of finding, and then some good lessons with our
investigators as well as some good visits with the members, and the
service with Miss Donna. the week went by really quick and this week
marks the start of a new transfer. this will be my last transfer,
which is crazy! I feel that my mission has gone by way too fast,
especially these last couple months. I have learned a lot and I have
loved my mission so far. it has changed my life, and I now have a
strong testimony of the gospel. I could never express all that my
mission has done for me, and I am very grateful for the experience
that Ive had. my goal is to make this last transfer the best of my
mission, or at least work my hardest and give it my all. I want to
finish my mission strong and be confident that I did all I could to
serve. I want to come home changed and on the path to becoming who the
lord needs me to be.
that being said this next transfer should be exciting. yesterday we
got the news on Transfers...and... Elder Richardson is getting
transferred and I will be getting a new companion. so that will be fun
to serve with and get to know a new Elder for my last transfer, and I
feel confident that we can really have a great transfer. I find out on
Wednesday who my new companion will be. but again, ill be staying here
in Crestview till I finish.
So again, its been a great week and some cool things happened. through
out the week we have been meeting with more members as part of a zone
focus week to seek more member referrrals, so we've had some good
visits with a lot of members and have had some good discussions on
missionary work with them. also this week we met with our investigator
Aaron Waggy as well as taught a few new people. Aaron is doing good,
and still really interested in learning about the Church. we had a
lesson with him on Thursday and it went well, Brother Laughlin came
with us and bore powerful testimony of the Plan of Salvation and the
spirit was strong. we taught about the Plan of Salvation again to
hopefully answer a few questions he may have and it went well. we also
met a new investigator, Trent, who we met while tracting. he let us in
for a few minutes to let us teach about the restoration. he seemed
interested and willing to learn more, but he'll be going out of town
for about a month for work, so that's a bummer. I also met a couple
guys, Craig and Herald, while on an exchange with Elder La Suer who we
taught the Restoration to. and Saturday we met with Melissa who was
interested in doing her family history. so we've had some good success
in teaching this week and hopefully it will continue. that's my a big
frustration to me in this area, we aren't teaching enough. we have
been able to teach 2 or 3 lessons to non members a week since I got
here, so hopefully that will improve. we also met with Peyton Shumway
and had a good lesson with her. she is doing great and loved the youth
trip to Nauvoo! its awesome to see how happy she is and how the gospel
has changed her life. no I just hope that her mom will see that and
join the church too. and we met with a few other Recent converts and
less active members. doing service with Donna is getting closer to us
finishing the project with her drain and sidewalk so that will free
some time up for teaching. but that's about it for this week.
thanks yall for everything you do and for the love and support and
prayers. I love yall and it wont be long before I see yall again. and
im just about out of time so ill talk to yall next week!
Elder Balling

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