week 12 Crestview Florida

Dear Family,
Hello from Florida! I hope yall have had a great week back home and
that everything is going well. it sounds like everyone had a fun week
with the 24th. and I hope yall have a great week this next week. Its
been a crazy week here on the mission, and very busy with transfers
and the work, and also more service. unfortunately we didn't have a
whole lot of time to find and teach people, but that's how it goes
sometimes, and we are hoping that we'll have more time this next week.
With transfers this past Wednesday we did a lot of travel and the
first part of the week was basically spent with Elder Richardson
packing, visiting a few members to say goodbye, and traveling to
Tallahassee so Elder Richardson could pick up his new companion. so we
drove to Tallahassee Tuesday evening and it was raining really hard
all the way there. then in Tallahassee Elder Richardson ended up just
getting transferred to take the sisters area back in Crestview. so him
and his companion, Elder Buetler will be serving with Me and my new
companion in Crestview so that'll be fun. then Wednesday we drove back
to Crestview where I would meet my new companion. I will be serving
with Elder Lindow for this last transfer. Elder Lindow is from
Highland Utah, he's been out for almost 18 months and he's a great
missionary and I will enjoy serving with him. I don't have much time
today and I don't know a whole lot about him so ill share more next
this week we met with Aaron Waggy and had a good lesson with him. we
feel he I opening up more to the church and hopefully taking the
lessons looking to know it its true. so we are excited about where
that will go. we also met with Peyton and her family and we feel that
Jessica I ready to start taking the lessons to get baptized. there's
also a few other people we are hoping to start teaching that we are
excited about. we have a goal to baptize one person this transfer, and
we really believe we can, we just aren't sure who itll be, so we are
putting it in the lords hands, and we are going to work as hard as we
can and we know that he can lead us to whoever is ready. we are going
to focus a lot on working with the ward and members so that will also
help. that's about it. sorry for the short letter, but we have to meet
the Fountains for lunch soon. it was a good week, busy with a lot of
stuff and service and transfers. and next week should be very
successful. Its a new transfer, with a new companion, Elder Lindow,
and a new month. I have great hopes and faith for this last transfer
and again I want to make the most of the time I have left to serve the
lord. I love you all and wish yall a great week! Stay strong and keep
the Faith!
Elder Balling

ps I did get the birthday package yall sent, thanks!

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