Week 13 Crestview Florida

Dear Family,

Thank you for the reminders that I only have one months left! I have a
feeling that this last month will go by extremely fast and ill be home
before I know it. I am excited to come home and see yall again, I have
missed yall more than ever this past month and it will be good to be
with the family again. but because of the short time I have left to
serve the lord, it has caused a stronger drive to work harder, and to
make the most of the last leg of my mission, and really make it
something I will remember throughout the rest of my life.
and with transfers a week ago and now serving with Elder Lindow I
really feel that i can reach those goals and finish strong. a little
about Elder Lindow... he's 21, from Highland Utah, been out on his
mission for a year and a half, and super funny. we have been getting
along really well and it should be a great transfer. we sat down and
planned out a bunch of goals and how we are going to reach them, and
we feel confident in what we can do this transfer. this week has been
pretty crazy though and not exactly as we had planned. we didn't quite
reach our goals, and didn't get as much time to proselyte and teach as
we had hoped. and we figured it was mostly because of all the service
we ended up doing. we helped Miss Donna with her yard both Wednesday
and Friday and we helped the Laughlin's move, and Sister Harris, and
we also helped brother Boyd tear down an old shed in his yard. and we
were busy with other things like a lot of travel and Dinners that took
up our time. we did have a few great lessons and cool things happed
through out the week. Tuesday we taught Aaron Waggy, and Andrew
Linares came along. it was a great lesson where we taught the Gospel
of Jesus Christ and answered a few questions he had. he is progressing
well, still not towards baptism but he's keeping commitments we give.
we also taught a new investigator named Don and saw a few other people
throughout the week, and met some cool people with the time we were
able to contact with. but that's about all. i don't have much time
left so ill have to stop here. sorry for the short letters lately! i
wish yall a great week! and ill see you soon.
Elder Ballingsistersbaptismcrestview

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