Week 14 – Crestview Florida

Dear Family,
haha thanks again for keeping a count down of how many days I have
left. but don't worry, Im not trunky... at least I don't feel trunky.
I love missionary work too much to want to come home that badly. I am
excited to be home soon, but im also excited to do the lords work each
day. its scary how fast these last 3 weeks will go by! itll be over
before I know it, and ill be back home probably wishing that I was
still on my mission. it still seems surreal to think that ill be home
that soon and that 2 years has really gone by. but I can say that I
have loved my misson as a whole and it has really been the best 2
years of my life so far. but I cant say that It has all been easy or
even close to what I had expected. it has also been the hardest 2
years of my life. ive had hard times, and struggles, difficult
companions, and trying areas. and trials that have tested my faith and
tried my testimony. I haven't seen as much success throughout my
mission as I had hoped or expected, but the success I have seen has
brought me greater joy then I have experienced ever before and I am so
grateful for the opportunity to serve, the people ive met and taught
and the experiences ive had. although I haven't seen many converts on
my mission, I count the greatest success and convert as myself. I can
now say with all the surety of my soul that I know that Christ is my
Savior, that the Church is true and that the Book of Mormon is true.
so has my mission been a success? Yes. did I do all I could to serve
with all my heart? not always, but I have learned many lessons, and my
mission has changed me, and I now have a strong desire to serve the
lord with all my heart throughout my life. I don't know if I will have
any crazy or miraculous stories to share from my mission, and I don't
know if I could share exactly what my mission has done for me or what
it was like, but I know that my mission has been for me and I wouldn't
have it any other way. although it may have took a severe tragedy and
incredible grief with the loss of Tiffani, and going through the
hardest time of my mission and life, perhaps the greatest thing I have
gained from my mission is a love and appreciation for our Savior and
redeemer, Jesus Christ and the great plan of happiness that our Father
in Heaven has provided for us. I know that they love us, and I know
that through Jesus Christ and his gospel we can return to live with
them for eternity. I know that we will see Tiffani again, and that we
will all be together forever. It has been a hard experience, and I
think it will continue to be hard, but perhaps what Heavenly Father
would have us gain from this is a deep testimony of the Plan of
Salvation so that we can return to him as an eternal family. I have
felt the spirit at and since Tiff's death, and it continues to teach
me about Gods love, and the truth of the Gospel. I am grateful for all
this, and again I love my mission.
Real quick, this week has been pretty good. not too much exciting has
happened, just a lot of working to find people to teach and doing some
service for Donna. we did teach Aaron Waggy again which was good, but
we haven't seen much change in his progression. he is reading the book
of Mormon a lot, he's now into Mosiah so that's cool. we also had a
lesson with Alex Rodriguez which was good, its been like 3 weeks or
more since we've seen him so it had been a while. he's still waiting
on an answer to the book of Mormon so we're not exactly sure what to
do to help him. Elder Lindow and I are working well together and its a
lot of fun. that's about all there is to mention. we are hoping that
this next week will be little bit busier and that we can get a little
more work going in the area. but we continue to work hard.
I hope yall have a great week and have a fun vacation! I look forward
to seeing yall soon! yes mom it would probably be good to go to the
dentist when I get back, I have yet to do that. and Dad that job
sounds like it would work out great, so im in. also about the vacation
the weekend I get home, I would like to go and Im really good with
whatever. I don't have any plans of my own. thanks for the letter
Malcolm! Thants all, I wish yall the best!
Elder Balling

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