Week 15– Crestview Florida

Dear Family,
I hope everyone has had a great week and is doing well back home! it
sounds like things have been pretty busy this last week, and that yall
have had some fun vacations and stuff. and I hope everyone has a great
next week as well. I have had a pretty good week here in Florida,
although it was a little slow as far as the work goes. but it was all
good, and we are excited for this next week and really working hard.
things are going pretty good here in Crestview, and we are hopeful
that the work will pick up this next week. again its been pretty slow,
but that is in part because of all the service we have done this week
and also Elder Lindow and I Have been a little under the weather and
just exhausted this week. as far as the week goes not much happened.
we weren't able to meet with any of our investigators, but we did
teach a new girl named Kierra. we finally finished the service for
donna by pouring the cement to her sidewalk. we had an exchange with
the zone leaders and I got to go down to Destin which was super cool.
we went for a run on the beach in the morning which was beautiful. we
had interviews with President Smith after district meeting on Tuesday
which was really good. and that's just about it this week... sorry I
kinda procrastinated writing this until I only had a few minutes
left... so that's all I have time to write. one quick thing though. we
will be having two 70's come to the mission next week so our P-day has
been moved to this Saturday. I will email more then. Thanks yall! I
love you and look forward to seeing yall soon.
Elder Balling

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