Week 16-Crestview Florida – one week before departure

Dear Family,
I hope yall have had a great week and that everyone is doing alright!
just so yall know, they had told us that we would have our P-Day last
Saturday because of the half-mission conference we had on Monday, but
they latter changed it to today, so sorry about that. I also want to
thank you Mom and Dad for all the help with my resume and job
application. I could not have done that without you, and yall made me
look really good, haha. I hope I can live up to the expectation
they'll have. I feel that this would be a great job and I think it
could really help set myself up for the future. and thanks for the
help recently with getting everything squared away for this interview,
Ill do all I can to make it good. I hope everyone is enjoying School
and work and that Dad can recover quickly from your knee surgery. I
look forward to seeing yall soon! its a little surreal that its just a
week away and that 2 years has gone by so quick. haha itll be an
adjustment and ill probably be an awkward returned missionary for a
while when I get home. itll be sad to see it end.
I think next week I will sit down and write some of my thoughts, and
feelings about my mission and some of the lessons that I have learned
while serving. there is just so much that has come from my mission
that Ill need to take this week to gather my thoughts. right now all I
can think is how extremely grateful I am for the time I have had to
serve the lord and the experience I have had. I have come to see how
much this mission has done for me and how much I have learned and how
much I have changed. im grateful for the people I have met and the
experiences that I have had. and I am grateful for the hard times and
the struggles that have pushed me to be better and to grow. and im
grateful for the love that I have experienced, both the love that I
have felt from heavenly father and the love that I have felt towards
others. and I am very grateful for the testimony of the church and of
our savior Jesus Christ that I have gained as I have served and
studied and taught this gospel. I am forever grateful for the Savior
and a loving Father in Heaven who has blessed my life. and I am
grateful for our family and the blessing that all yall are in my life.
I love you all.
im running out of time again, because I always seem to put this letter
off too long. but this week has been great! we had a lot of success
with the work and had some great lessons with Aaron, Alex, and Jessica
( Peytons mom). and a lot of potential building up. we also had a
great day yesterday with the half mission conference with Elder
Neilson and Elder Stanfill, who personally interviewed me. that was
cool. and this week should be great and a great final week to my
mission. that's all, sorry. got to go
Love yall,
Elder Balling

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